Allows you to glue handlers together to run in sequence. It's useful for responseHandlers and transformers. Inspired by reduce-reducers.

Similar to reduceReducers, reducerHandlers simply passes the previous return value to the next handler in the sequence. When used with handlers created by handleResponseActions or handleTransformerActions, only the functions matching the action type will be executed.


import createFetchAction, { reduceHandlers } from 'fetch-actions'
import 'fetch-everywhere'

import logHandler from './responseHandlers/logHandler'
import errorHandler from './responseHandlers/errorHandler'
import blueberryTransformer from './transformers/blueberryTransformer'
import carrotTransformer from './transformers/carrotTransformer'

const fetchAction = createFetchAction({
  responseHandler: reduceHandlers(
    logHandler, // <-- logs all responses
    errorHandler // <-- fields error responses
  transformer: reduceHandlers(
    blueberryTransformer, // <-- handles blueberry actions
    carrotTransformer // <-- handles carrot actions

export fetchAction

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