This function accepts a list of requestCreators and executes the first one that matches, based on action type. Inspired by reduce-reducers.

Allows you to glue requestCreators together to run in sequence. It returns the first non-undefined request, skipping the rest of the sequence. If your requestCreator only handles a few actions, you need to implement a default handler that returns undefined. It is called someRequestCreators because only some of the creators may be executed.


import createFetchAction, { someRequestCreators } from 'fetch-actions'
import carrots from './requestCreators/carrots'
import blueberries from './requestCreators/blueberries'
import 'fetch-everywhere'

const fetchAction = createFetchAction({
  requestCreator: someRequestCreators(
  // <-- add other handlers here

export fetchAction

Example: overriding default requestCreator

By default, a request creator created with handleRequestCreatorActions will return an empty Request. If you are combining your request creators using someRequestCreators you might end up returning a blank request by accident. If you are intending to chain your requestCreators, you will need to override the default.

import { someRequestCreators, handleRequestCreatorActions, DEFAULT_REQUEST_CREATOR } from 'fetch-actions'
import { FETCH_POSTS } from '../modules/reddit/constants'
import { FETCH_BLARGLE } from '../modules/flargle/constants'

const fetchPostsRequestCreator = action => new Request(`${action.payload}.json`)

// this request creator will return empty request for unknown actions
const broken = handleRequestCreatorActions({
  [FETCH_POSTS]: fetchPostsRequestCreator

// here we're overriding the default behavior
const fixed = handleRequestCreatorActions({
  [FETCH_POSTS]: fetchPostsRequestCreator,
  [DEFAULT_REQUEST_CREATOR]: () => undefined

// this one runs last, so the default behavior is just fine
const flargle = handleRequestCreatorActions({
  [FETCH_BLARGLE]: action => new Request(``)

const brokenRequestCreator = someRequestCreators(broken, flargle)
const requestCreator = someRequestCreators(fixed, flargle)

const action = { type: FETCH_BLARGLE }

brokenRequestCreator(action) // --> returns to an empty request
requestCreator(action) // --> returns a request to

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